Who is conservare?
Three unique people came together. Judith Perlman, an activist who was once passionately committed to anti-development. Jack Porter, an experienced developer now passionately committed to conservation design. And Steve Apfelbaum, an ecological pioneer. The result is Conservâre.

Conservâre develops profitable residential, commercial and mixed-use projects using conservation-design principles and the science of ecology in site planning and infrastructure design. What makes Conservâre different? We embrace long-term stewardship with every project, because every project is our legacy.

For land owners
Conservâre is a real estate development company dedicated to preserving the land and earning profits for landowners. Landowners used to have two choices: Either conserve the land or develop the land and see it destroyed. Conservâre enables you to realize a fair return for your land while saving its unique natural resources and precious farmland. If you have a conservation ethic, call Conservâre.

What is Conservare Development
Conservation development is a way of preserving the earth’s natural resources while — at the same time — permitting development. This is done through good land planning and science-based techniques, all of which balance preservation of the land with the inevitable need for development.

For more information about land development or investment opportunities with Conservâre, contact Jack Porter, Managing Partner. We invite you to review some of our Partners' work at www.sanctuaryofbv.com, www.appliedeco.com and www.utexas.edu/utpress/books/percit.html. For more information on conservation development, visit www.landchoices.org.

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